Our stylist are supervised, trained and knowledgeable in the pet grooming industry.
Our staff understands the importance of proper and gentle handling techniques

Additional Spa Treatments:

  • Odor Neutralizing Treatment
  • Oatmeal Bath
  • Flea Bath
  • Teeth Brushed

Appointment Services Available:

(9-11am or 1-4pm Monday - Friday)

  • Nails Clipped
  • Nails Dremel
  • Ears Cleaned
  • Teeth Brushed
  • Anal Glands Expressed
  • Face Trimmed
  • Bows put in hair

All Full Grooming Procedures

for our Spa Guest include:

  • Free client consultation
  • 2 baths with hypo-allergenic high quality shampoos and conditioners. (We use only the best products on the market.)
  • Gently hand dried & fluffed with warm air
  • A trim styled to breed profile
  • Gentle ear cleansing
  • Hygiene trim
  • Nail clipping
  • Foot pads cleaned of hair
  • Anal glands are checked (and expressed on request)
  • Cologne
  • Breath freshener

Your dog will be assigned to your dog's favorite groomer and will spend their entire grooming time with them being

pampered and loved.

We want you to leave feeling confident about the care and services you've received, and we want your pet to feel comfortable about visiting us again!