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Additional Spa Treatments:

  • Odor Neutralizing Treatment
  • Oatmeal Bath
  • Flea Bath
  • Teeth Brushed

Walk-In Services Available:

(9-11am or 1-4pm Tuesday - Saturday)

  • Nails Clipped
  • Nails Dremeled
  • Ears Cleaned
  • Teeth Brushed
  • Anal Glands Expressed
  • Face Trimmed
  • Bows put in hair

Our stylist are supervised, trained and knowledgeable in the pet grooming industry.
Our staff understands the importance of proper and gentle handling techniques.

​Meeting Your

Dog's Needs

with Care

and Kindness!

All Full Grooming Procedures

for our Spa Guest include:

  • Free client consultation
  • 2 baths with hypo-allergenic high quality shampoos and conditioners. (We use only the best products on the market.)
  • Gently hand dried & fluffed with warm air
  • A trim styled to breed profile
  • Gentle ear cleansing
  • Hygiene trim
  • Nail clipping
  • Foot pads cleaned of hair
  • Anal glands are checked (and expressed on request)
  • Cologne
  • Breath freshener

We want you to leave feeling confident about the care and services you've received, and we want your pet to feel comfortable about visiting us again!